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E-Learning Modules

E- Learning Modules

All delegates are encouraged to participate in e-learning sessions that will take place in advance of the 3-day immersive program and after. The webinars/Skype sessions offer basic leadership skills, stimulate conversation and will prepare delegates for the Summit.

When will the sessions take place?

The sessions will take place every two weeks from late January until prior to the summit. YWCA will host orientation sessions to help you prepare for the Summit. Dates will be confirmed soon.


What do I need to access a session?

You will need access to a computer, tablet or smart phone with internet to access the Skype or Go to Meeting Platforms. It is best to tune in during the live session, but all sessions will also be recorded. We recognize that not everyone may have the time/equipment to access these sessions. We would like to do our best to remove barriers, so if you anticipate any challenges, please contact and we will troubleshoot this with you. This could mean offering a Toll free phone line, emailing the recording or slides.


Self Love Webinar held February 7 2017 at 5:30 EST

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Orientation Webinar held January 31st 2017 at 5:30 EST

Anti- Racism & Anti-Oppression Webinar held February 22nd


What are the E-learning Module Topics?


The Revolutionary Art of Self-Love

During this webinar, Nydia Dauphin, activist and self-love coach, will explore the act of self-love. Often trivialized or depicted as egocentrism, self-love work is one of the pillars of a healthy and balanced life both on the individual and societal level. Come explore the different tools that will be shared and that will help you move towards unconditional love for yourself.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017  |  5:30pm EST in French & 7:00pm EST in English


“But I’m Not Racist!” Anti-Racism and Anti-Oppression Practice in Everyday Life

You will learn more about racism, sexism and other forms of oppression that impact our lives. The session will include information about privilege, where it comes from and how it plays out. We highly recommend that everyone attend this session; it will help us create a safe space for all delegates during the Summit.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017 |  5:30pm EST in French & 7:00pm EST in English


Financial Leadership: 8 Reasons to Measure

Having financial acumen is key for any leader, whether it be in their career or their personal life. The session is an introduction to financial literacy, the importance of understanding the basics of accounting, tax and budgeting.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017 |  5:30pm EST in French & 7:00pm EST in English



Invite a friend to join you for this session where you will learn the basics of networking. Then go to a community event and try out your new skills together. Then, practice again at the Summit when you meet other delegates.

Monday March 6, 2017  |  5:30pm EST in French & 7:00pm EST in English

Presented by Aldeli Alban-Reyna  | Bio available here


Additional Modules under development include:

Brave Bold Women - Creative commemoration

Goal setting - YWCA Days

Cultural Awareness - Truth and Reconciliation Edition